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March 20, 2013
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Basic Information

Full Name: Michelle Trisha Elric

Nickname(s)/Title(s): None

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Date of Birth: April 12th, 1921

Occupation: Works as an automail apprentice under her mother, Winry Elric. In the future, Michelle will take over Rockbell Automail.


» Michelle began schooling at age 5, attending a grammar school in Rush Valley. She was very studious yet unsociable, not easily connecting with others.  

» Once Michelle finishes grammar school at age 12, she is enrolled in Preston Academy, a private high school in a neighboring town to Rush Valley named Silvermount. Michelle continues filling her schedule to the brim with studies, also continuing to isolate herself from her peers partly because of this.

» At age 16 she withdraws from school to focus her time solely on her automail apprenticeship with her mother.

Race/Ethnicity: 75% Amestrian; 25% Xerxenian

Zodiac: Aries

Xingese Zodiac: Rooster

Religion: None

Place of Birth: Resembool, Amestris

Current Residence: Rush Valley, Amestris

History of Residencies:

» Michelle was born in Resembool, Amestris. She lived in the Rockbell home with her parents, great-grandmother, Pinako, and her older brother, Aaron.

» Michelle moved with her parents and older brother to Rush Valley when she was three years old so that her mother could expand her automail business. She will remain here for the rest of her life.

Medical Info

Blood Type: A

Allergies: Peanuts

Mental Problems: None

Medical Problems: None

Notable Information: She first became allergic to peanuts at the age of 14.


Hair: Straight, gold hair that reaches down to her chest; thick. She most typically wears it down, however she will pull it back into a low bun when she is working on automail or if it’s relatively hot out.

Eye Color: Gold

Skin Tone: Caucasian; a bit tanned from Xerxenian blood.

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 138lbs

Accessories: None. When working on automail, wears a blue bandana tied around her head and gloves.

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Has small scars on her hands from working with sharp pieces of metal.

Make up/other: None

Body Type: Hourglass body type. She has a skinnier waist with average sized chest and hips. She’s developed an athletic build, especially in her arms, from working out and heavy lifting while doing her job; also exercises regularly. Almost fully developed.

Style: Dresses casually and comfortably, usually preferring looser clothing. For work she is sure to wear appropriate clothing such as gloves and sturdy boots.



Michelle’s always had an unappealing demeanor, usually not given much attention to by her peers because of it. She’s quick-tempered and stubborn as well as blunt, so people often get the wrong idea of her, especially since Michelle doesn’t seem to do much to reach out to others or convince them otherwise; her peers at times fuel Michelle’s insecurities. Michelle’s not good at expressing herself or using her words, but she cares deeply for those she loves—though she may not always show it. Family is something important to Michelle, being close to hers and spending most of her time at home surrounded by her siblings and parents.

Michelle is generally envious of others, starting from growing up with her older brother, Aaron. She feels she’s not going to get as far as she wants to with her future, especially against her brother who seems naturally destined and confident for greatness; along with this she’s isolated and poor tempered while Aaron is well-liked and charismatic. She began to view herself more negatively, continuing to see the better qualities in everyone else as she got older that she thought she herself didn’t possess. However, Michelle’s problems aren’t as big as she thinks they are; she can be a bit of a drama queen and tends to focus on these negative things, finding it hard to find the positive things within herself. She becomes easily frustrated because of this, more so showing irritability rather than sadness, always wanting to seem strong and afraid of being weak.

Despite all of this, Michelle is hardworking and reliable, caring for others even if she’s not good at letting them know it. She’s modest in her work and abilities, always thinking there’s room for improvement, and always thinking she can be better than she is now. She’s willing to help others when she’s needed, just wanting to be able to make herself someone people can be proud of—though she feels she still has a long way to go.


» Reliable

Michelle is someone who can be easily relied on, always keeping her word and making sure to return favors when others go out of her way for her. While she’s someone who can be counted on, she’s not one to just accept any favor asked of her.

» Modest

Michelle is very modest of her work and whatever she does. Even when she believes she’s done well, she’s good about keeping a level head about it. She still believes she always has a lot more to learn and more to improve on.

» Hard-working

Michelle’s very studious and hardworking; she’d rather focus on her work than on relationships. Part of this comes from her love from what she does, the other coming from her envy and how she always wants to better herself and succeed.

» Open-Minded

She’s open-minded when it comes to critique when it’s given to her, not thinking highly of her own skills and therefore always thinking she can improve; however she is not one to reach out for help or ask for it herself, feeling she’s a burden to others. She can get down about herself when hearing criticism, but is able to apply it despite any frustrations, wanting to always be better. She’s also not one to quickly judge something or someone, partly because her bitter demeanor makes her easily misjudged.

» Considerate

She is considerate of other people’s thoughts, opinions and feelings—even though other people may misinterpret it and think otherwise. She tries to be as honest as she can with people that she cares for and wants to help others, but she’s not good with words or expressing herself, making her blunt and can come off as too harsh.


» Irritable

Michelle can be a rather irritable person, getting easily frustrated over little things, including things of herself; she’s not always able to see the bigger picture and many things in general can get on her nerves.  She was born naturally with a bad temperament, but it also can stem from her envy of others.

» Impatient

Michelle is someone who likes to get things done as quickly yet efficiently as possible; she isn’t always careful or thinks things completely through.  She doesn’t like having her time wasted, also not liking to sit around waiting for something, becoming irritable if she does—even little things such as waiting for dinner or in line at a store.

» Blunt

Michelle speaks her mind and is very honest; sometimes she can come off as rude or insensitive, but she is only honest because she simply wants the best for the people she cares for.  However, she’s also one to put others in their place or tell people off if she becomes bothered by them, something she does due to her quick-temperedness and impulsiveness.

» Quick Tempered

She is set off easily, little things being able to push her buttons. She’s one to go off on her siblings, especially her brother, Chris. When her temper is let out she often persists on arguing, and with her siblings, will even sometimes get physical. She lets her emotions often get the better of her, making her rather impulsive and stubborn at times; she can at times make irrational decisions because of it.

» Stubborn

Michelle tends to be quite stubborn, something that rubs off from her parents and her irritability. She often won’t do things she doesn’t want to do, or at least put up a fight before doing it; she’s someone who generally likes doing things her own way.

» Unsociable

Michelle tends to avoid social situations; even when she was little she was never one to have many friends, never taking much effort to seek them out. She isolates herself at school, focusing on her studies. She has trouble expressing herself, her words coming off as sharp and her demeanor seeming bitter to others.  Sometimes her unsocial behavior can affect her work since at times she’s required to handle people who need automail repairs, though she does appear to have a few customers who are fond of her.


Bottles her emotions: Michelle is someone who contains certain emotions that she’s feeling, mostly those of sadness and loneliness. She feels she must be seen as strong, so she does what she can not to appear weak. This can come partly from her stubbornness, but also because she doesn’t feel she’s worth anyone’s burden. She isolates herself partly because she feels it’s better to do things on her own, not wanting to involve others.

Lacks confidence: She has a major lack of confidence in what she does, not feeling as if she’s good enough. She’s rather envious of others, causing her to highlight the good in others and highlight the bad in herself. She fears that she will not be able to have success in what she does in the future compared to the great her mother has achieved.

Bad temperament: Michelle naturally has a poor temperament and can often get frustrated and irritated over little things. This can make her seem unappealing to her peers.

Envious: Michelle tends to be envious of others, especially of her older brother, Aaron, for his prodigy intelligence and social skills. She also easily sees things in others she wants yet doesn’t have, causing her a sadness that she expresses through frustration.


Automail: Automail is Michelle’s passion and what she hopes to end up doing with her life; she currently studies as an apprentice under her mother, Winry. She loves reading about and learning more about biology and automail mechanics, also reading up on knowledge of other mechanics in general, the subject fascinating to her.

Guitar: She began playing the guitar at the age of 13. She found one in the local dump as she was looking for scrap metal for crafting and brought it home, finding it intriguing. She is self-taught through books she’s purchased, drawn to it as one of her only leisure activities, feeling relaxed when she plays; it’s also one of the only ways she expresses her inner feelings. While she’s no expert, she’s become quite decent at it.

Music: Michelle was able to first find her liking for music at age 13 when she began picking up the guitar. She has a record player and a radio in her room, so she often times listens to music when she’s reading or studying. Listening to music is something that relaxes her, seeing it as an escape from her negative feelings. Alternative music is a favorite genre of hers.

Food: Michelle has a large appetite and is always willing to try all kinds of foods, rarely finding a dislike for anything. She gets irritable and impatient while waiting for meals to be cooked, wanting to eat sooner rather than later. She particularly likes her mother’s cooking, though she considers her brother, Aaron, her personal chef, much to his dismay.

Exercising: In her home, the expression “to train the mind, you must train the body” was embedded into her; despite not knowing alchemy, she found exercising to be refreshing, finding that belief to have truth to it. Doing things like taking runs and finding other ways to push herself tends to be a stress reliever for Michelle. She lets out a lot of her bottled emotions through exercise and feels good by the endorphins that it releases.

Reading: She most frequently reads textual or informational books rather than novels or stories. She finds enjoyment out of learning more and expanding her knowledge on certain subjects, especially anything involving mechanics.

Games: Being a very competitive person at heart, Michelle loves playing all kinds of games; whether it’s cards, board games or athletic games, she likes them all and enjoys playing them and competing, usually with her family members.

Praise: Having little self-confidence and feeling as if she isn’t good, praise is something that’s very important to Michelle. While praise is something that Michelle seeks, she is always modest when she receives it, sometimes even feeling undeserving of it.


Sappy/Romantic Things: She simply does not have a taste for these things, especially hating public displays of affection and romantic novels and stories. She gets grossed out and irritated by these sorts of things, and is not impressed with acts of sappy romance.

Classical Music: Michelle finds classical music to be boring; it just simply isn’t her taste, preferring a more rugged feeling to her music.

Fictional Literature: Preferring to read textual and factual books, Michelle has a dislike for fictional literature. She doesn’t take enjoyment out of reading fictional books, and especially dislikes it when she needs to read them for school. She’s disinterested in the ideas of fantasy or made up things.

Waiting: Being a very impatient person, Michelle has always hated waiting around, no matter what it’s for. She’ll get impatient and irritable when she needs to wait for anything.

Peppiness: Michelle can be irritated by people with too much energy or are too talkative, also stemming from her being unsocial, particularly disliking to interact with them. Peppiness is a pet peeve of hers, and she isn’t afraid to become blunt when someone gets on her nerves.

Arrogance: Since Michelle is a very modest person, she has a strong dislike for arrogance. She hates it when people brag about the things that they’ve done and accomplished; it can even make her feel insecure about her own work. She especially hates it when her brother, Aaron, gets too arrogant, often trying to keep him in line when he may act as such.

Social Events: Michelle is a very unsocial person, so she feels uncomfortable at events or anything else that involves a lot of people. She tends to avoid them and will just keep to herself and leave when she can if she ever is at one.

Trains: She strongly dislikes riding on trains, not caring much for travel in general. She hated having to take the train in the morning to school before she withdrew. She gets impatient and doesn’t like sitting still and being clustered with so many other people.

Tea: She simply doesn’t have a taste for it; she prefers stronger things such as coffee.


Heights: She hates being in high up places, nervous of falling and uncomfortable from the sensation. If she’s someplace that’s too high up for her liking then she gets anxious and finds herself wanting nothing more than to go back down.

Failing: Michelle fears that she will not be successful in what she hopes to do with her future. This can come from her problems with her confidence, sometimes not even sure if she’s suited to take over the automail shop—as if someone would be able to do much better. Also because of her social skills, she doesn’t receive much support outside of her family.

Disappointing Others: Michelle has a fear of disappointing others—especially her family and those who she is close to. She’s not sure if she’ll ever excel at what she does, leading to her feeling as though she will end up disappointing her loved ones. Michelle is someone who is always trying to prove herself, and as such, she fears people ending up being disappointed in her.

Fireworks: The sudden and loud booms frighten her and make her jump. Things such as gunshots startle her as well, disliking loud noise in general.


» Working with automail

» Exercising

» Playing guitar


» Mechanic

» Guitar


» Cracks her knuckles and other joints


- Hopes to one day be able to successfully take over the Rockbell Automail business



»Physical: Good arm strength from heavy lifting at work; also has good endurance from going on jogs. She has great dexterity.

»Mental: She’s not easily intimated; stands her ground. She also has a strong stomach.


»Physical: Poor core muscles; balance and stability

»Mental: Impatient and impulsive


Supernatural Ability: None



Favorite Food: Bacon

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Activity: Exercising

Favorite Animal: Crocodile

Favorite School Subject: Biology

Favorite Music Genre: Alternative

Favorite Time of Day: Afternoon


Father: Edward Elric

Mother: Winry Elric

Older Brother: Aaron Elric

Younger Brother: Christopher Elric

Younger Sister: Elizabeth Elric

Youngest Sister: Sophia Elric

Paternal Uncle: Alphonse Elric

Paternal Aunt (Marriage): May Elric

Cousin: Nathan Elric

Cousin: Jin Elric

Cousin: Alannah Elric

Maternal Grandfather: Urey Rockbell

Maternal Grandmother: Sara Rockbell

Paternal Grandfather: Van Hohenheim

Paternal Grandmother: Trisha Elric

Maternal Great-Grandmother: Pinako Rockbell

Maternal Great-Grandfather: Grant Rockbell

Pet(s): Maggie (Slovensky Cuvac)

Notable Facts

- She tends to be a disorganized person, though she considers it to be “organized chaos”. She gets frustrated when people try to tidy her things, claiming she can’t find anything anymore.

- She’s an extremely heavy sleeper; she’s also not a morning person, making her hard to get up.

- She always carries a small screwdriver and pocket knife on her.

- Michelle has a fairly good singing voice; she often times sings when she plays the guitar.

- Michelle’s a terrible liar.

- A boy named Walter, or Walt, lives in Rush Valley and follows Michelle around when he sees her. He has a slight infatuation with her, but Michelle wants nothing to do with him. She always forgets his name and ends up calling him “Will”.

- Michelle often times goes on jogs at night since it’s too hot and crowded during the day.

- While Michelle’s efficient in working with automail, she lacks the creativity to design her own, something that adds to her frustration and self-doubt.

- Becoming allergic to peanuts was a huge upset for Michelle since she had really loved peanut butter.

- While she doesn’t like people touching her things, she especially doesn’t like her guitar being touched.

- Her Japanese seiyuu would be Harumi Sakurai.

- Her English voice actress would be Anna Kendrick.


Michelle was born in Resembool, Amestris in April of 1921. With there being no clinics or hospitals nearby, she was delivered safely at home with the help of Pinako, her great grandmother. By the time that Michelle turned two, Pinako fell ill from her old age, and the reality began approaching that she would pass away. Pinako explained to Winry that she wanted her to expand herself to her fullest abilities, telling her she didn’t have to stay in Risembool where there wasn’t as much business as there was elsewhere. After her passing, Winry, Ed, Aaron and Michelle come to the decision to move to Rush Valley where Winry is already well-known and can be successful in her automail business. Ed and Winry continue to raise Aaron and Michelle in in their new home as Winry opens up her own shop attached to their house.  

Michelle was always a quiet child when she was younger, not having many friends; she mostly would just play with her older brother, Aaron. She seemed disinterested in other children, more comfortable in her own home and focusing on her own thing. Even when she was younger, some of her stubborn personality and quick-temper could be seen, often showing frustrations; she would be scolded for talking back or for doing things such as pulling her brother’s hair—though she would often claim he started it.

As Michelle grew up, Ed and Winry decided that they wanted to further expand their family; it was within the next few years that two more of her siblings were born. Her younger brother, Christopher, was born when she was four years old, and then a younger sister, Elizabeth, was born when she was seven. Michelle found herself always feeling closest to her oldest brother, Aaron, partly for being closest in age to him and often sharing responsibilities with him for taking care of their siblings. Aaron tends to be protective of Michelle; she’s not too crazy about it and feels the need to prove herself and that she can be capable on her own—Aaron’s acts of protectiveness can feed Michelle’s insecurities. The two have always been competitive with each other and can bicker often. Despite this, they remain to be very close, spending a lot of free time in each other’s company around the house.

Around the age of seven, Michelle found herself starting to take an interest in automail. Being surrounded by automail all the time, both in her own home and outside in the streets, her curiosity was natural for it. She found herself inspired by the work her mother did, and Winry was happy to teach her the basics. Michelle found herself helping Winry frequently in small ways, from organizing screws to cleaning counters. The more time she spent, the more her interest grew in automail, working with the metal feeling natural to her. Winry, wanting to continue her family business, decided to take Michelle on as her apprentice when she became a bit older. Since then, Michelle has worked with Winry, the two being close.  

When Aaron started learning alchemy at the age of eight, Michelle would often watch him practice with Ed. Envious of the prodigy skill and attention he received from their father, she soon wanted to learn it herself, also being bit competitive with her brother.
Since she had interest in science, Ed began to teach her the basics. Michelle struggled with alchemy as she was learning it, and Ed noticed as well as that she was learning alchemy for the wrong reasons, thinking the two to be connected. He had a talk with her, understanding that she was trying hard, but that alchemy wasn’t clicking for her, and that she was fooling herself into thinking she had a passion for it at all. He told her she didn’t need alchemy to be an amazing person, and that working with automail was just as, if not more, incredible; that she helped people get back on their feet, that she could give them new life and hope. He pointed out that she had a lot of her mother in her, and that he couldn’t be more proud of her—that as a human being, she was already amazing, and that she didn’t need alchemy to be more than that. After this, Michelle decides to drop her alchemy training, shifting her focus entirely on automail and other mechanics, a new fire inside of her.

When she was 12, she found a puppy rummaging through the garbage outside their home. Noticing it as a stray, she snuck it into her room and fed it, determined to keep it as a sort of secret pet. Her parents very quickly discovered it and expressed they couldn’t just take in a stray, despite Michelle’s protests. Even still, the dog showed up to their house every day and did things such as following Michelle and Aaron home from the train station after school. Everyone grew more attached to the dog over time, and eventually it was decided by her parents that they’d keep it after all. Michelle was ecstatic, getting companionship out of the dog who she decided to name Maggie.

At the age of 13, Michelle found a guitar in a local dump while searching for scrap metal to be used for automail crafting. She was intrigued by the instrument, and upon noticing it had a broken string, she brought it home, deciding to make a replacement. After restoring the guitar, she felt an attachment to it, drawn to it. She began to dab into it, finding herself to like it; she began self-teaching herself with books and would find quiet places to practice. She found it to be relaxing, it being a break from her heavy workload. She also was able to express her inner negative feelings through playing as well. This sprouted a general interest in music, a record player and radio soon in her room, listening to music when she would work. She found herself to like the alternative genre, attracted to the usually deep and heavier themes that were more modern and not as well-liked at this time.

Michelle continues studying automail, wanting to be able to live up to the business she’s a part of. She sometimes thinks this too big for her, dealing with insecurities of her abilities and skills, afraid of failing and not being able to have the same success as her mother and to uphold their name. Despite this, she still works towards her goal, even more afraid of stopping and losing any worth whatsoever; she merely does what she can and hopes for the best, her passion still remaining deep.  
Blah finally finished this thing! It was “done” a while ago but then we had to sort out a few things and other stuff and yeah but well it’s here now :3

Michelle’s one of our Edwin fanchildren, she’s the second oldest to Aaron.

Thanks to *NoVaNoah, ~jazzfreak128, =Mari-m-Rose, and *cookiemotel94 for looking it over for us and giving their input :heart:

Oh! And this is her ask/roleplay tumblr for those interested: [link]

I think that’s it! The template is by *NoVaNoah but we added things to it.

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Michelle Elric (c) :iconegyptian-sands::icontoasty-coconut:
Fullmetal Alchemist (c) Hiromu Arakawa
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