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January 9, 2013
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Basic Information

Full Name: Aaron James Elric

Nickname(s)/Title(s): None

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Date of Birth: November 4th, 1919

Occupation: At the moment he has no formal job. In the future, he will work for the State Alchemy Research Program founded by Edward, Alphonse, and Roy.


» Aaron began schooling at age 5, attending a grammar school in Rush Valley. Aaron was always eager to learn, quickly understanding the teachings in class. He made friends easily with his friendly personality.

» Once Aaron finishes grammar school at age 12, he is enrolled in Preston Academy, a private high school in a neighboring town to Rush Valley named Silvermount. Aaron continues to excel in school as well as being popular and friendly amongst his peers.

Race/Ethnicity: 75% Amestrian; 25% Xerxenian

Zodiac: Scorpio

Xingese Zodiac: Sheep

Religion: None

Place of Birth: Resembool, Amestris

Current Residence: Rush Valley, Amestris

History of Residencies:

» Aaron was born in Resembool, Amestris. He lived in the Rockbell home with his parents, great-grandmother, Pinako, and once she is born, his younger sister, Michelle.

» Aaron moves with his parents and little sister to Rush Valley when he is four years old so that his mother can expand her automail business.

» When he’s 21 he will move to Central in order to work as the head of the Central City State Alchemy Research Center, where he will remain for the rest of his life.

Medical Info

Blood Type: B

Allergies: None

Mental Problems: None

Medical Problems: None

Notable Information: He had his tonsils removed at age 14 after having tonsillitis


Hair: Straight, gold hair that’s short, but just a little bit on the longer side.

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Tone: Caucasian; a bit tanned from Xerxenian blood

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 172 lbs

Accessories: None

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: None

Make up/other: None

Body Type: Rectangular body shape; has a pretty average build, being tall and somewhat broad

Style: Tends to dress casually, simply and comfortably



Overall, Aaron’s a generally friendly guy, well-liked by his peers. He cares deeply for others, sometimes being a bit overprotective of his loved ones or controlling of them, especially of his younger sister, Michelle. Sometimes he even comes off as childish, liking to get his way and even being a sore loser. He likes being around others , keeping his inner negative feelings to himself, sometimes forgetting about them only so they can hit him unexpectedly later. Because of this he’s not one to accept help or admit defeat, being hypocritical in the sense that he’s always going out of his way to help others.

As the oldest, Aaron’s always put much responsibility and expectations on himself and what he must do or become. He was heavily inspired by his father, thinking of alchemy as something great and something that can help people. He’s a natural with alchemy, it coming very easily to him; he prides himself on his skills. He wishes to follow in his father’s footsteps and works himself hard to be able to do so. He can be arrogant at times because of this, but it’s just masking his self-doubt and uncertainty about himself and what he’s supposed to live up to; he’s afraid of failing or letting anyone down.

Aaron is always willing to help anyone in need, putting others before himself without a second thought. This can lead him to sometimes neglect his own needs or health, and can become easily stressed or exhausted as he often overworks himself as well. He’s trusted with much responsibility, looking out for his younger siblings as his parents often have their hands tied with their own work. He loves taking care of them and has grown a lot of patience over the years of dealing with such a hectic family. He likes being depended on and to feel needed, wanting to feel of worth or of importance so his self-doubt doesn’t linger. He prefers to keep himself occupied, disliking being by himself or just sitting around.

Aaron’s someone who likes to know what he’s doing and where he’s going, afraid of the unpredictable. While he’s not someone who’s ill-prepared for that sort of thing, it can bring about his self-doubt to be caught off guard, especially when taking leadership positions. He can feel he has failed when things go wrong when he planned them differently.


» Friendly

Aaron has an overall friendly disposition, being social with his peers and polite and respectful to strangers; he reaches out to those in need of help.

» Paternal

He’s often trusted to watch over and take care of his younger siblings, five children in a household being a lot to handle. He takes much enjoyment out of this, also playing with and occupying them as well, liking their company. He’s family-oriented, willing to do whatever he can for his siblings.

» Patient

Growing up in an active and noisy family, it’s something Aaron’s developed over the years, using it to his advantage to keep a calm temperament, usually able to keep things under control as well as keeping his own cool.

» Rational

Taking on the role of mediator, mostly among his siblings yet also at times with his peers, he’s able to remain neutral and make more well thought out decisions; he’s good at compromising.

» Careful

Aaron’s one to take precautions and cares a lot for the safety of  himself and those around him. He always had to be careful growing up, keeping an eye on his younger siblings and always trying to live up to the responsibility put on him.

» Dependable

Aaron’s been raised in a way to believe keeping your word is important, and he’s often put in situations where he’s depended on and needs to be able to live up to earning this trust. He’s the kind of guy you can rely on with problems or anything you need, knowing he’d do anything he could to help.

» Responsible

Since he was little he always felt he had to be being the oldest sibling—he was taught a lot by his parents, especially his father. Along with maturity he’s also a leader, liking to take charge of the responsibility of groups and things of that sort.

» Charismatic

Something stemming from his friendliness and social ability; he’s good at talking to others and keeping their interest.


» Hesitant

Stems from inner insecurities dealing with what he feels he has to live up to. He at times doubts himself, not sure if he can be what he needs to be compared to someone like his father.

» Stubborn

Aaron’s very opinionated, causing him to become stubborn at times. He’s someone who wants things to go his way, working hard to assure that they do and not giving up easily. Sometimes he can be a bit childish from this and can come off as a sore loser, having trouble accepting defeat.

» Arrogant

Aaron uses arrogance to mask his self-doubt and insecurities in order to make him feel less vulnerable. His self-confidence can be considered a lie at times.  

» Soft-Hearted

Coming from a pretty soft-hearted home, he’s always willing to help people, having a strong desire to. One of the things he doesn’t think through completely, not giving a second thought to helping anyone who needs it, even if he may not be able to do anything himself.

» Sensitive

Because of his insecurities, Aaron doesn’t take well to criticism, becoming defensive when he receives it. He often stubbornly denies anything that makes him feel his doubts surface, not wanting to face these problems; a sort of coping mechanism.


Puts others before himself: Stems from his soft-heartedness, caring too much for others at times. He’ll overwork himself sometimes because of this, not paying much attention to himself for the sake of the happiness of others.

Overworks himself: Aaron works as much as he can in order to be successful and to be able to live up to his parents, particularly his father. He becomes easily stressed and can often bring himself to exhaustion, even neglecting his health at times. He also can care too much for others, doing whatever he can for them.

Hard on himself: Despite not taking critique well and even sometimes being arrogant about it, it still affects him. He’s very hard on himself, doubting himself often and taking critique as failure.

Dubious: Doubts himself often and can be uncertain about himself his abilities, masking it with arrogance; rarely shows this side of him to others, almost seeing it as a sort of defeat. He’s also precautious, making him skeptical of certain things and being careful about situations.


Cooking: Aaron’s always been squeamish, making him never being able to do much to help with patients that stay within their home due to automail surgeries. He was able to find a use in cooking meals and other things for them, bringing happiness to them in such a little way yet having significance to him because of it. Cooking’s become a hobby, enjoying bringing happiness or people together with something as simple as food.
Baked goods: Aaron has a sweet tooth, enjoying making sweets more than any other kind of food.

Reading: Reads a lot for studying purposes and for his alchemy; devotes a lot of his time to it. Also enjoys novels, taking leisure in it, his favorite genre being adventure. Since he was little he loved hearing stories from Ed and Al’s travels.

Alchemy: Inspired from his father, using it to bond with him since he can remember. He’s a natural at it, being a bit of a prodigy. Aaron takes a lot of pride in it, wanting to use his alchemy to help people and follow in his father’s footsteps to continue alchemic research.

Rock Climbing: Something he started doing in his early teens, his girlfriend, Isabelle Lowe, introducing it to him. Something he does to bond with her, but also enjoys it for the sense of adventure and the physical activity.

Camping: An activity he likes doing with friends or even family, enjoying being outside.

Family: Aaron’s a very family-oriented person, always looking after his siblings; he has a strong sense of family embedded into him by his parents. Someday he wants to have a large family himself, liking the energy and togetherness of his.

Cleaning: He’s become used to it, always picking up after others; it’s become relaxing to him. He’s very organized and dislikes untidiness.


Being told what to do: Due to his arrogance and stubbornness, he dislikes being bossed around. He likes to be the leader and to be in charge of situations. He can sometimes be a bit controlling because of this.

Criticism: Aaron doesn’t like being wrong. He doesn’t like facing failure; on the outside he shoves it away with his stubbornness and arrogance, but on the inside he becomes doubtful and hard on himself.

Rainy Days: He can’t go outside and is stuck indoors; rain also just naturally brings down his mood and can make him lose motivation.

Being Alone: Aaron is actually very vulnerable, masking it with arrogance. In a way he uses those around him to feed his persona; without them he feels more worthless and more down to earth. He likes to feel depended on and important, also not liking to sit around with his own thoughts.

Sitting Around: Aaron likes to be active or busying himself with something. He can get fidgety or bored when he’s sitting around with nothing to do.

Distractions: He doesn’t like distractions when he’s trying to work; if people are bothering him for unimportant reasons.

Sour Foods: He just doesn’t have a taste for it.

Reptiles: He’s been afraid of them since he was little, uneasy by their appearance; especially dislikes snakes.


Snakes: Generally dislikes them, their looks and movement unsettling for him, particularly thrown off by their fangs. He’s paranoid of being bitten, especially if one’s poisonous.

Failure: Aaron doesn’t want to let anyone down, wanting to be able to live up to what he feels he needs to live up to. For this he can be doubtful of himself and doesn’t take well to criticism or being wrong—because of this he can be stubborn and arrogant.

Harm coming to a loved one: Comes from his soft-heartedness and putting others before himself. He can be protective of them and wants to do whatever he can to help them or keep them safe, his loved ones meaning everything to him.

The Unknown: Aaron’s someone who knows what he’s doing and what he wants to do; he knows what path he’s on and what he wants to achieve. While he’s not ill-prepared for things catching him off guard, he becomes afraid by unpredictable things even still. This can stem from his self-doubt.

Blood and Gore: He’s squeamish and gets unsettled easily. He avoids blood in his house from patients and even from reading it in books. He sometimes is hesitant when helping someone who’s very bloody, feeling dizzy when tending to them.  


» Cooking

» Reading

» Alchemy

» Rock Climbing


» Cooking

» Alchemy


» Bites his fingernails


- Work for the military’s State Alchemy program at the main research center in Central City after he graduates from high school.

- Wants to marry and have a large family.



»Physical: Has good upper body and core strength from rock climbing as well as his alchemy training, his father emphasizing “to train the mind, you have to train the body.”

»Mental: Very intelligent and has a wide amount of knowledge. He also deals well under stress.


»Physical: Poor evasiveness and hand-eye coordination.

»Mental: Over-confident; hesitant due to being precautious.


Supernatural Ability: Alchemy



Favorite Food: Chicken Tetrazzini

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Activity: Rock Climbing

Favorite Animal: Coyote

Favorite School Subject: Chemistry

Favorite Music Genre: Swing

Favorite Time of Day: Morning


Father: Edward Elric

Mother: Winry Elric

Younger Sister: Michelle Elric

Younger Brother: Christopher Elric

Younger Sister: Elizabeth Elric

Youngest Sister: Sophia Elric

Paternal Uncle: Alphonse Elric

Paternal Aunt (Marriage): Mei Elric

Cousin: Nathan Elric

Cousin: Jin Elric

Cousin: Alannah Elric

Maternal Grandfather: Urey Rockbell

Maternal Grandmother: Sara Rockbell

Paternal Grandfather: Van Hohenheim

Paternal Grandmother: Trisha Elric

Maternal Great-Grandmother: Pinako Rockbell

Maternal Great-Grandfather: Grant Rockbell

Pet(s): Maggie Elric (Slovensky Cuvac)

Notable Facts

- He has a girlfriend named Isabelle Lowe who attends school with him. They were 13 when they met and began dating when they were 15.

- Aaron’s ticklish.

- He ranks in the top 5% of his class.

- Ed sometimes takes Aaron to the alchemic research centers due to Aaron’s interest of the occupation.

- He has a red blanket he’s had since he was a baby that he always sleeps with; it’s pretty raggedy.

- Aaron always carries around a multi-tool knife as well as chalk for his alchemy.

- Aaron’s a sore loser; he can be rather competitive as well.

- He likes to keep up his appearance and will rarely be seen looking untidy or overly casual; though he’s not picky about it.

-His Japanese seiyuu would be Kappei Yamaguchi.


Aaron was born in Resembool, Amestris in November of 1919. With there being no clinics or hospitals nearby, a home birth was the only option. Aaron was delivered at home with the help of Pinako, his great grandmother. A year and a half later, Michelle, Aaron’s younger sister is born.

By the time that Aaron turns four, Pinako falls ill from her old age, and the reality starts approaching that she will pass away. Pinako tells Winry that she shouldn’t have to be cooped up in Resembool for the rest of her life, and that she should expand on her automail studies and live her dream. After her passing, Winry, Ed, Aaron and Michelle come to the decision to move to Rush Valley, where Winry is already well-known and can be successful in her automail business. Ed and Winry continue to raise Aaron and Michelle in in their new home as Winry opens up her own business, the shop attached to their house.

When Aaron was younger, he tended to be a little bit of a mama’s boy. He would follow Winry around and help her in whatever way he could around the house or in the kitchen. Oftentimes he could be found helping Winry with everyday chores. This slight clinginess, however, is something he soon grows out of.

As Aaron grows up, Ed and Winry decide that they want to further expand their family; it is within the next few years that two more of his siblings are born. His younger brother, Christopher, is born when he’s six years old, and then another younger sister, Elizabeth, is born when he’s eight. As the family grows, Aaron becomes an eager and excited older brother. He loves the idea of having a large family and very much enjoys being the oldest child, and as such he was often times tasked with the job of babysitting them or taking care of them, giving him a close bond with each one. However, his closest bond is with Michelle, the two being closest in age and often needing to look after things together; Aaron’s also more protective of her—whether Michelle likes it or not.

Ed is avidly continuing his studies on alchemy despite his inability to preform it; he continues to work for the country as a State Alchemist with the new revision of the State Alchemy program, receiving grants for his research. With alchemy playing a major role in Ed’s life, it ended up rubbing off on Aaron. Looking up to his father and seeing his dedication, Aaron became inspired and wanted to begin learning alchemy, too. Ed started teach Aaron the basic principles of alchemy at the age of eight; Aaron quickly picked up on the theories and concepts, being a bit of a prodigy, and Ed helped him continue to further his studies as he became older. Alchemy soon became a major role in Aaron’s life, strengthening a close bond with his father as well as using it as a method to be able to help others.

When Aaron was 13, he met a girl named Isabelle while on his way back from receiving some spare supplies for Winry at the LeCoulte’s house within the canyon. She appeared to be lost and introduced herself, explaining that she and her father had moved to Rush Valley recently for his automail business. She loved exploring and rock climbing, but she could be careless and distracted, ending up lost. Aaron helped her find her way out of the canyon and back into the city; realizing they were attending the same school, they began seeing more of each other, their friendship starting. They enjoyed exploring and being outdoors together, and when high school came around, Aaron and Isabelle even ended up in the same private academy in Silvermount, Amestris—a town just minutes away from Rush Valley by train. The two began dating not long after the start of high school.

Aaron picked up on housework as he grew, often taking care of his younger siblings and helping to take a load off his busy parents. He wanted to be able keep his parents from becoming overwhelmed when they were busy with their own work, so he put it upon himself as well as with the responsibility they entrusted him with. He began cooking to help out with patients and his overall family, finding enjoyment from it.

Aaron continues to further his studies as he grows up, one day aspiring to become a great alchemist like his father and to work in the Central City State Alchemy Research Center as a State Alchemist. However, the closer he comes to achieving this, the more pressure he feels falling upon him. He feels as if he has much to live up to with who his father has and what he’s done. He expects a lot of himself, not wanting to let anyone down. He hopes to use alchemy to help the country in the same way that his father is doing, afraid of failing. Despite doubt, he continues to strive for his goal, never giving up.
Finally done! Profile for Aaron, our oldest Edwin fanchild. Next up will be his sister... Anyways feed back is appreciated (:

Much thanks to *NoVaNoah, =Mari-m-Rose, *cookiemotel94 and ~jazzfreak128 for their critique and input on this written profile!

Other Profiles:
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Basic Information
Full Name: Maya Emily Mustang

Nickname(s)/Title(s): First Daughter

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Date of Birth: December 22nd, 1919

Occupation: At the moment she has no job; currently she has no idea what she wants to do and can feel lost about it.

Once she graduates college she will begin working in Central as a dance teacher; Eventually she will be able to open up a small dance studio in Ishval and will teach there.


» She began school at age 5, her parents enrolling her in a simple grammar school. Since Ishval was still in the stage of early rebuilding, the school was small and mostly Ishvalan dominated, leavi
Profile: Michelle Elric
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Full Name: Michelle Trisha Elric

Nickname(s)/Title(s): None

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Date of Birth: April 12th, 1921

Occupation: Works as an automail apprentice under her mother, Winry Elric. In the future, Michelle will take over Rockbell Automail.


» Michelle began schooling at age 5, attending a grammar school in Rush Valley. She was very studious yet unsociable, not easily connecting with others.  

» Once Michelle finishes grammar school at age 12, she is enrolled in Preston Academy, a private high school in a neighboring town to Rush Valley named Silvermount. Michelle continues filling her schedule to th

Aaron Elric (c) :iconegyptian-sands::icontoasty-coconut:
Profile template (c) *NoVaNoah, though we made some add ons to it
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